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Reclaim Your Yard From Stumps and Roots

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You don't have to tackle stubborn tree stumps on your own-turn to Sound Stump Removal when you need tree stump removal services at your Monroe, Everett or Bothell, WA area home. With nine different state-of-the-art machines at our disposal, we can remove any size stump from your property quickly and efficiently.

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3 consequences of ignoring your tree stumps

If you've had a tree removed from your yard, the job isn't over until you get stump removal services lined up. Tree stumps can:

  1. Clog your plumbing lines, when leftover roots work their way into small cracks in your pipes.
  2. Sprout new trees, which create more obstacles you'll have to get rid of later.
  3. Suck the nutrients out of your soil, which can kill the grass and flowers you worked so hard to cultivate.

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